Implement Piano Analytics With Google Tag Manager Server-Side

Step 1: Sending data via Piano Analytics SDK
Step 2: Receiving data server-side via Custom Event Parser template
Step 3: Sending data via Piano Analytics GTMSS Tag template
Additional tips

Step 1: Sending data

Step 2: Receiving the data in GTM server-side

GTM server-side client with Piano Analytics event data
Event object returned to the GTMSS container by the Custom Event Parser client

Step 3: Sending the data from GTM server-side to Piano Analytics

Additional tips


  1. Browser dev tools or PA Tag Inspector for seeing outgoing requests in the browser
  2. GTMSS preview mode for making sure that client, trigger, and tag are well constructed server-side
  3. PA Stream Inspector to monitor all incoming raw requests across platforms
  4. PA Data Management Rules to modify each parameter of the data stream during pre-processing and map the request content to your data model properties (optional)
  5. See the fully processed event in all reports, interfaces, and APIs within <2 minutes
Piano Analytics Stream Inspector for GTM server-side
Viewing the raw incoming request from GTMSS in Piano Analytics Stream Inspector

Visitor identification and cookie handling
Google Tag Manager Server-side Custom Event Parser Client Configuration
Custom Event Parser: Parsing a custom cookie from the request to the event data object




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